www.wiik.de now reachable via IPv6

This Blog is now reachable via IPv6 http://2A00:CD0:1:1810::15 in addition to IPv4. As my DNS provider Hosteurope does not support AAAA DNS records, which is necessary  for resolving www.wiik.de to the IPv6 address, I also have to switch my DNS to UM.  The unbelievable Machine Company in Berlin offers a IPv6 hosting and DNS infrastructure.  Moving the domains to another provider will need a couple of days, of course. By the way, this blog is running in a Dual Stack IPv4 / IPv6 Sun Solaris 10 10/08 Zone on ZFS, now.


  1. Martin Levy says:


    OK, I get it. WordPress is editing the []’s out of numeric IPv6 URL’s. Looks like WordPress is not IPv6 friendly.

    Maybe adding spaces would make it show up?

    http : / / [ 2A00:CD0:1:1810::15 ] /
    http : / / [ 2001:470:0:64::2 ] /

    Sorry for the double-comment – I guess I’ve never typed in an IPv6 numeric URL into a blog before today.


  2. Hi Martin,

    thanks for the tip, just modified the link with “[ ]” in the original post.
    In wordpress comments it’s not working as there seems to be some filtering,
    but in posts it’s fine.

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