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Sun Coolstack and Webstack projects

At Pixelpark, we use Solaris 10 as main production plattform for all our customers. All our web hosting customers need basic open source components like apache httpd, tomcat, mysql. Some of them are also using php, some are using mongrels, other glassfish V2 and so on. We always try to use the latest version of these components for security reasons and if we build high performance Web Sites, for performance. Today Solaris 10 U4 is offering outdated versions of apache, mysql and no php. Only Postgresql is up to date with Solaris 10 U4 (GREAT !!). Because we often (daily..) have to install these optimzied and up to date versions we have a couple of choices: Download binary distributions (like coolstack or from blastwave) or build these components on our own.

We hope, that the Sun Webstack project will bring us precompiled, optimized and up to date apache httpd, php, mongrel Versions with security relevant updates, soon. Maybe future Solaris 10 Updates (U5) will bring newer version of these main Web2.0 components that we do not have to compile, test, distribute, patch the components on our own.

OpenSolaris Webstack

There’s a new OpenSolaris project called Web Stack which is based on the Cool Stack project. Today, OpenSolaris and Solaris is bundeled with some web tier components like apache, mysql, postgresql, but in Solaris 10 with rather outdated versions. Things like php, rails are missing from Solaris 10. Sun also offers Sun CoolThreads Optimized Open Source Software Stack (Cool Stack), but currently, there is no information, wether Sun will release security patches for these packages. Because of this, I would not use coolstack in production.

It would be great to have an up-to-date version of apache, php, mysql and on pre-installed in /usr/sfw/ with each Solaris installation, as we know it from common Linux distros. This could be an important improvement for Solaris in the future.

I hope the web stack project helps to improve Solaris and makes it Web2.0 ready.